What We Do

When setting up the club, TFA Founder and Managing Director Paul Holdgate wanted to draw on his own experiences playing and coaching professionally in both England and the United States. This meant very different ideas than what some may be used to when it comes to youth soccer, including:

Committing to families who were willing to commit to TFA.
Retaining young players instead of cutting, as future abilities of young players are hard to assess (while allowing growth in a freer environment).
Offering every player the opportunity to participate in a professionally-run program, either on a full-time basis or just training, thus providing a chance for everyone to play and develop their skills.
Creating fluidity between squads within age groups, instead of being on one team for an entire year.
Putting players in the most competitive environment in order to elevate their game.
Balancing both the player's soccer development as well as their growth as a young man.
Being one club moving in the same direction, attending the same events and wearing the same colors, therefore enhancing the prospects of players sharing an identity and creating friendships outside of their own team.

We've really set trends in Toledo in regard to how we operate our club. All players shake the coaches' hands; everyone trains in the same kit, including uniformity among coaches; retaining all players; introducing an Academy-approach within the club's philosophy; creating fun and exciting atmosphere for players (Crossbar Challenge, Bend It Like Beckham Challenge, Futsal, FootGolf); providing information and interaction via weekly newsletters and social media; and offering four training sessions per week in the fall and spring, as well as two sessions per week for indoor.

We feel we've taught, and continue to teach, players how to play the game the right way, from age 5 to 19. The passion our players show throughout their Academy careers continues to flow through them as adults, resulting in enhancing the Beautiful Game in the United States!