Severe Weather Policy

The most important focus is the safety of our players.

We would like to stress all weather cancellations will be communicated via the TFA App and social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) ONLY. For this reason, it is imperative players who have smart phones and both parents are connected to TFA via these platforms.

1. TFA Staff will monitor potential weather issues daily using various weather apps. Our coaching staff have apps that send notifications if there is lightning and/or severe weather within a 25-mile radius of Schneider Fields.

2. On a day with the threat of severe weather, we will decide by 3pm whether or not to cancel training. If you do not receive notification on the TFA App or social media, training will be held as scheduled. When making this decision, we factor in the percentage of the threat while recognizing Schneider Fields does not have shelter for players. We also consider families who live outside the Toledo area. TFA does not cancel training for rain showers having no severe threat.

3. If there is sever weather while training is in progress, all players will be removed from the fields and placed in parents/teammates vehicles until:
a. training is cancelled for the evening, or
b. a 30-minute wait time has elapsed from the most recent lightning strike or thunder clap.

4. TFA Staff also will use discretion when evaluating other severe conditions, such as extreme cold or heat.

As a reminder, our Youth and High School Academies are able to train up to four times per week! This means even when a training is cancelled, plenty of opportunities exist to get touches on the ball.