Training Style & Length
TFA's philosophy is that players should not train longer than they play (e.g. an 80-minute game = an 80-minute training session). For all Academy levels, we believe 75 minutes and 90 minutes of play (this may include speed and agility), is adequate to implement our session plan to the players while keeping their interest.
Every TFA coach plans their session beforehand; we structure practice so players have enough time for water breaks between progressions. This results in the session being very fluid and little time is lost as they move through their exercises.
This format is important for two reasons:
• It keeps practice intense, which reflects within the game.
• We do not lose players through boredom, waiting in lines, etc. When observing TFA practices, you will never see long lines- this equates to players having more touches on the ball.

Mandatory & Optional Training

Mandatory Sessions (2 weekly):

Every TFA coach will have a planned training session following TFA's Curriculum. You will see the coach pacing out cones before the session has started, normally setting up two to three progressions so the players can efficiently move from one exercise to another (along with water breaks). Sometimes, these sessions change for various reasons:
• There are fewer players than planned, so the field size needs adjusting, etc.
• The group is progressing quicker/slower and needs more/less space.
Our warm-up includes many touches on the ball so the players are comfortable going into the next progression. This involves what is needed for the next phase (for example, headers and volleys to start, if we are progressing to crossing and finishing on goal). Working to refine their technique beforehand will help the player during training and eventually the game.
We do not do many "exercises" (drills), as we prefer the player to see the bigger picture of the game within the curriculum. This helps them understand the decisions involved. We play a lot of small-sided games with varying limitations, problems, etc. For example, we will inform the players to play with two touches to quicken their speed of play.
Every session always ends with a cool-down where the players jog and stretch, and the coach reviews the practice or an upcoming event, and what we are looking to achieve.

Optional Sessions (2 weekly):

We also strongly recommend and encourage our players to attend the two optional trainings, these are semi-organized, small sided games with a weekly theme and brings TFA practice to game ratio to a healthy 4 to 1. Youngers get to mix and play with older players and our older players are given responsibilities to show their leadership qualities. Optional training is very strongly encouraged as it help the player achieve or excel beyond age standards at a faster rate.

Red and White teams within an age group will train on opposite days, allowing for a player to attend an optional session of a higher level (Red within their age group, White or Red 'training up'). The determination of where a player will train for their optional sessions is determined by the coaching staff. Parents and players will be notified in advance so they are able to plan ahead and continue to have structure within training.

We are the only club in Northwest Ohio to provide four weekly training sessions.