Recruiting Resources

TFA has helped put over 50 players in college soccer programs over the past 8 years, ranging from D-I through D-3, NAIA, and NJCCA
colleges and universities. TFA's goal is to help make the recruiting process simpler by providing a clear path for each player/family. Below
is a general timeline to follow in the recruiting process.

Freshman Year:
• Search for potential majors of interest and which colleges have these majors. List 20 schools, keeping your options wide open.
• Start thinking about location. Where do you want to live or go to school? Close to home or farther away?
• What level do you want to play at, D-I, D-II, D-III or NAIA, etc.? Go on the schools' websites to look at the team, its history and coaching staff.
• Be very mindful of your GPA! Start out high school on the right foot!
• Summer between freshman/sophomore year: Attend a residential camp at a college of interest to see what the campus and atmosphere is like.

Sophomore Year:

• Narrow down list of schools but continue to keep an open mind.
• Set up a general visit to stop by a school of interest and see what the campus is like (if possible).
• Keep thinking about your major.
• First start contacting coaches to let them know which tournaments you are attending and let them know you have done research about their program.
• Talk to high school/club coaches about what at level you might be best fit to play.
• Be mindful of your GPA!

Sophomore/Junior Year:
• Start to consider going to prospect camps at the schools on your list to see if you like the coaches and their style.
• Register with NCAA website: eligibility center.

End of Sophomore Year:
• Create a Player Profile: High School, GPA, ACT Score (when applicable), Accomplishments, Tournaments, Coaches Contacts for both club/high school, Address/Phone/Email. Your email address should use your name (, for example). Lock your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram and make sure all your content is appropriate - Coaches will look!

Junior Year:
• Really start pushing emails to schools/coaches. Let them know when/where you'll be playing. Make it personal to each coach and send before or after each event.
• Conduct yourself professionally at tournaments: warm ups, on-field behavior (how you act or play).
• Narrow your school list down to 5 schools and at what level you can play.
• Meet with coaches/make unofficial visits to schools. Watch the team play on your visit(s).
• Ask what you see your role being on the team.
• Attend any prospect camps you might have missed or you are interested in.
• Compile a highlight video or clips of you playing to send out to coaches.
• Start looking at academic scholarships that the schools might provide.
• Remember to be mindful of your GPA!

Senior Year:
• Narrow down your list to 3 or so schools.

• Take overnight visits to school, and attend a game or training session.
• Look at financial packages available to you from each school.
• Be mindful of your GPA!
• Choose a school!
• Remember, go to the college YOU want to go to, even if another school is offering you more. It's best to be comfortable with your decision.