Mission Statement and Philosophy

Our core values of Passion, Integrity, Fun and Enjoyment, Competition, and Respect are vital to the long-term success of our players.  TFA is committed to developing these qualities and we strive to grow not only soccer players, but responsible young men on and off the field. 

 Throughout TFA’s structure you will find:

  • Players are members of TFA - The Club - not specifically tied to one particular team. This allows fluidity and support between teams/age groups.
  • Consistency in our colors, which means uniformity in appearance for all players and staff. We are one family of footballers, all wearing the same colors, playing with passion for the TFA badge!
  • All staff follow a club curriculum that allows our players to be coached and educated within a similar style. This provides our players with consistent mental and physical preparation, terminology, tactics, and an overall playing/training philosophy among our squads, encouraging The TFA Way.
  • Any question is answered within our Mission Statement and Philosophy.

 Our Commitment:

  • We focus on balance, developing The Person and The Player through the game of soccer.
  • We place players in a competitive and enjoyable environment, challenging them to make their own decisions.

Our Core Values:

  • Passion, Integrity, Fun and Enjoyment, Competition, Respect.

 Our Mission:

  • We Build Character One Goal At A Time.

 Our Vision:

  • Every single player is a better person because they compete/competed for TFA.

 Our Results:

  • The player makes better decisions on the field which leads them to make better decisions in life.