Team Administrator Expectations

Team Administrators (TA's) are a vital point of connection between TFA Staff and the parents of our players. In addition to maintaining and communicating the team's/club's pulse to TFA Staff members, TA's will be asked to assist in the following:


• Forward information as requested by the Registrar on to teams (i.e. hotel and tournament information etc.).
• Communicate with the opposition in the week prior to games to verify game date/time, field location and uniform colors. Please use your best judgement and change kits if necessary (i.e. wear home uniform for away games if colors conflict). This information should be included in communications to your team.


• Carry all paperwork as provided by the Registrar to every TFA event and provide it when needed. Note: Player cards are not to be given to any player or parent unless authorized by a TFA Staff member.
• Provide team supervision until coach arrives at game. You may need to inform players that it is time to begin warm-up (30 minutes prior to game time) however, you will not need to provide instruction as players are instructed what is required for warm-up.
• Inform the coach of players arriving late to games or of any misbehavior during warm-ups.
• Carry ice and bags for any minor injury.
• Retrieve player cards and any necessary paperwork from the game referee immediately following all games.
• Complete and process NWOYSL/OYSAN/MRL game reports as required.
• Collect parent signatures on Liability Waivers if required by tournaments.
• In the case of a thunder/lightning storm and the coach is not present, please lead the players and parents off the field to shelter. Do not rely on the officials!
• Direct parents and players to inform the Head Coach if they will be missing any practices or games. TA's are not responsible for tracking attendance.


• We ask that all TA's refrain from communicating personal opinions as TFA philosophy.
• If at any time, you are unsure of how to respond to questions/concerns, please refer to the TFA Decision Tree, your Head Coach or the Registrar.
• For any non-sanctioned TFA events (3v3, 4v4, etc.), we strongly encourage all players on your primary team be invited to participate. Please send an email with this invitation and note positions will be offered on a first-come, first-serve basis and it is a non-TFA event.