Parent Expectations

TFA has some of the most dedicated and supportive parents in the area. As a parent of a TFA player(s), you are a representative of the Club. We ask that in your representation, you do everything you can to uphold the character of our players, fellow parents and TFA Staff. At TFA, we place the importance back into training and commit to players who are committed to TFA. All decisions are at the discretion of the Managing Director. Players join our Club because of your positive comments and actions.

• It is important for parents and players to understand a player's development takes place over the course of many months of training and games - not in any one particular game. The coaching staff is instructed to manage the playing time of each player over the course of the entire seasonal year.
• Please have an open dialogue with your player, Head Coach and TFA Staff, and communicate any relevant information as soon as possible. TFA staff coaches will not engage in discussions or opinions regarding any other club members and/or player(s) other than your own.
• Please communicate, as soon as possible, directly with your Head Coach if your player(s) will be missing any mandatory training, games and/or tournaments. Team Administrators are not responsible for passing this information along to Head Coaches. Excused absences include family, religion and school events.
• We place great emphasis on players making their own decisions (on and off the field). Encourage your player to get in the habit of checking his own bag and becoming accountable for his actions (obviously, the younger players need more assistance than the older ones).
• Have the Head Coach's, TFA Staff and Team Administrator's cell numbers programmed into your phone; a phone call often alleviates the tension caused by a late player, etc.
• Parent(s) are encouraged to watch training from a designated area along the parking lot fence (only) at Schneider Fields.
• Parent(s) are asked to remain on the opposite side of the game field during an event from warm up to cool down (except in the case of an emergency).
• Please show support for your soccer player, team, club and sport, and please refrain from coaching from the sidelines. Anticipate the varying levels of refereeing; be courteous and respectful to all involved in the game.
• After the game, be encouraging to your player(s). He will be happy you noticed the positive qualities. We strive to provide parents with resources, including education articles, to consider in these discussions.
• Parent(s) must wait a minimum of 24 hours after an event before addressing any issues/concerns. Please use the TFA Decision Tree on relevant person to contact. All TFA Staff will respond within one business day.
• No alcoholic beverages are permitted at any event.
• No weapons are permitted at any event.
• All non-playing children must be supervised at all times.
• Please be courteous to your Head Coach by having your player picked up on time from any event.

Disciplinary Actions Process:

➢ If a player or parent is found to have committed a club infraction, disciplinary actions will be enforced. Infraction disciplinary actions will be based on many factors and variables concerning the situation that may or may not be known by the people or team involved. Penalties also will be determined by, but not limited to, the harshness and frequency of the offense/offenses that has occurred.
➢ Infractions will be decided and penalties assessed based on facts as witnessed by TFA representatives. There will be deliberation, and you will be notified by an official club email. The notification will detail the infraction as well as the resulting disciplinary action.
➢ Each infraction will be dealt with on an individual basis and may result in any of the mentioned disciplinary action examples (below), including removal from the Academy, depending on the severity of event. All discipline will be determined at the sole discretion of the Managing Director and this decision will be final.
Examples of Disciplinary Actions:
➢ Parent/Player meeting with the Head Coach and Managing Director.
➢ Parent/Player suspended for a period of a game, entire game or multiple games including tournaments/events (player must attend game/s to serve suspension if required).
➢ Parent/Player suspended for remainder of season, no refunds (If infraction occurs towards the end of the season, suspension can continue for following season/year).
➢ Parent/Player removed from the Club.