Captain Expectations

Captains of TFA squads are a valued connection between teammates and the Head Coach. The Captain is essentially an extension of the Head Coach and TFA. Captains are expected to be a leading example of The TFA Way, and exhibit all our Core Values (passion, integrity, competition, having fun, respect) to the best of their ability.

Each squad will have one consistent Captain per season, and one rotating Captain per week who best exemplified leadership before, during and after training.

In addition to upholding The TFA Way, Captains will be expected to:


• Uphold TFA's expectations at school by maintaining high attendance levels and grades, as well as being a positive role model in and out of the classroom.
• Understand the pulse of the team and communicate this with the Head Coach.
• Maintain the team culture by encouraging teammates to train as often as possible and play within the Core Values.
• Attend as many optional training sessions as possible, as well as other TFA events including Leadership classes and Educational Nights.
• Settle any minor player-to-player disputes, or notify the Head Coach of persistent issues.
• Integrate new players into the squad through introductions and inclusion in activities.
• Ensure your words mirror your actions.
Training & Games:
• Ensure teammates in attendance are dressed and prepared to warm-up on time.
• Be a team leader by initiating handshakes and checking that all balls are pumped up.
• Lead warm-up/cool down.
• Lead other players in helping move equipment if asked by the Head Coach.
• Compete within the Core Values.
• Positively influence teammates through your playing effort and encouraging words.
• Politely communicate with officials, and ensure yourself and teammates are respecting officials, opponents and fans.
• Serve as the Head Coach's voice on the field, helping communicate any instructions.
• Leave the field last to ensure all items have been collected and stored in appropriate places.

Remember, you are a role model for your teammates and others within the Club. Your commitment, focus, discipline and overall actions have an impact on others around you. This is why the Captain position is held in high regard around the world, and also at TFA.