Player Expectations

Players are expected to exhibit a positive attitude, good concentration and 100% effort every time they take the field. These are three variables the player can control to set their standard of play.


• Maintain good grades in school.
• Be courteous to all players, officials, parents and coaches within and outside of the club.
• All practices (except optional training), games and tournaments are mandatory.
• Proper nutrition is imperative before and after any event. Bring plenty of fluids (no carbonated drinks).
• Bring all the necessary equipment to all TFA events, including a properly inflated ball with your name on it, correct uniform pieces, correct foot attire and shin guards. Players (not parents) are responsible for bringing and carrying all their equipment to and from the field of play.
• If arriving early to practice, use this extra time for juggling or ball work, not shooting on the goal.
• Discuss individual on-field issues/concerns with the Head Coach first (Please see the TFA Decision Tree for additional contacts).


• Do not travel with your shin guards or boots on, unless you are arriving late. Wear different shoe attire to and after all events (flip flops, sneakers, etc.).
• Arrive 45 minutes prior to kick-off for games unless your Head Coach has instructed otherwise. The first 15 minutes is to prepare your attire (boots, shin guards and tape); the remaining 30 minutes is to prepare your body and mind for the conditions e.g. weather and fields, etc.
• Upon arrival at the field, players and coaches should remain together as a team.
• If you arrive late, run to your session (on the field). Do not run whilst in the parking lot.
• Assist with the collection of training equipment and trash at the end of any event.
• Any issue (warm up to cool down) will try to be resolved between the player and Head Coach. Parent-to-player contact is limited to medical emergencies.


• Curfew is never later than 10pm for any JA/YA player, and 10:30pm for HSA.
• If you arrive at the hotel later than curfew, get to your room ASAP. Players who violate curfew can expect to face playing time consequences. Be respectful of hotel staff and other guests at all times. Absolutely no running or playing in the corridors/elevator.
• Be off their feet, in a cool or warm environment (depending on season) and taking in fluids when preparing for a match.
• No swimming before or between games. Light swimming (maximum of 1 hour) can take place after the day's games are completed.