Guest Playing, Guest Training, Camps

Between TFA Teams

We place players in an environment where they will develop as soccer players and young men. It is imperative players grow within their own time frame and ability level, especially at the younger ages. More importantly, they need to enjoy the game and have passion for the most popular sport in the world! Throughout the club, we place players "up" age groups to help their individual progress. We will focus our training and evaluation of players on the four major components that make up a complete footballer:
1. Technique - A player's individual technique and comfort level on the ball under conditions of limited time, space and increased pressure.
2. Tactical Awareness - A player's ability to make proper decisions with and without the ball, based on an understanding of basic attacking and defensive principles, as well as the player's ability to "read" the game properly and make decisions that coordinate with that decision.
3. Physical Attributes - A player's coordination, mobility, balance, speed, endurance and strength.
4. Mentality - A player's mindset and motivation; how a player faces problems and pressures encountered both on and off the field of play and how the player chooses to deal with those problems/pressures.

We do not believe that players should be placed on a "static" team for one year at a time, as is the case with many other clubs. Players develop at varying rates, sometimes unevenly, and often unpredictably. Therefore, our players are placed in squads in which they are allocated different groups of competitive players.

Competitive players deserve to have an independent and professional coaching staff responsible for evaluating them at all times in order to preserve the integrity of the environment we place them in. Competitive challenges are healthy for players and enable them to grow. We can and will challenge our players by allowing them the opportunity to move from group to group, and between different age groups, when warranted by their progression through the four key components.

TFA players receive evaluations from their individual head coach. Academy and Youth receive their evaluations at the end of the fall and spring season. High School players also receive a yearly evaluation. An individual evaluation also is completed for goalkeepers from our Goalkeeping Director.

Our goal is to create an environment that will stimulate the continued growth of all players by allowing every player in the program the chance to get to the next level of play within TFA. All player movement will be done at the sole discretion of the Managing Director and coaching staff.

With A Different Club:

• TFA allows players to guest play with other teams on a case by case basis as approved by TFA's Managing Director (MD).
• When guest playing with another team/club (including indoor), the parent must communicate with the MD and provide the upcoming guest playing schedule. If conflicts exists (training, games or tournaments), the player will not be permitted to participate with the guest club, unless permission is received from the MD.
• When guest playing with the secondary club, the player will not be permitted to play more than two games per day, including TFA and the guest team, and during tournaments.
• No training with the guest club, unless permitted by TFA's MD.
• TFA remains the primary club, with the player and parent prioritizing TFA's schedule. All other commitments remain secondary with the guest club.
• Failure to communicate with the MD will result in sanctions per TFA's parent and player expectations.

Guest Training:

To guest train for TFA, please have this authorized by your primary club's head coach or director of coaching. Contact our Registrar for more information on guest training,

Small-side Tournaments (3v3 & 4v4):
TFA places a strong emphasis on club unity and this theme is reflected in all club programming and events. We do not operate as a group of loosely connected teams following separate and individual agendas. Instead, we believe in adhering to a single club wide philosophy.

If an individual team wants to participate in an outside 4v4 event, the person who oversees this event is strongly encouraged to contact the entire team/squad via email (copying both the Head Coach and Managing Director from TFA). A first come, first serve basis must be explained in the email as well as it being an un-official TFA event. This ensures every player receives the opportunity to participate.

TFA does not allow any participation in tournaments over 4 vs. 4 outside of our schedule. The reasoning for not entering our players in additional tournaments (indoors or outdoors) is so we can keep within our 4 practices to 1 game ratio. This is important so that it keeps players from burn out, both physically and mentally. It's imperative that players have down time, which is fundamental to their growth, on and off the field.

If you have any questions about the policy, please contact


TFA offers summer soccer camps for all TFA and even non-TFA players.

Players are coached by our professional staff where campers are exposed to technical aspects of the game in addition to playing against fellow campers.

Fees for our camps are separate from club fees.