Annual Cleat Drive

CFCI - El Salvador Annual Cleat Drive

Once a year, TFA collects your used cleats or tennis shoes (laced together) as well as any other soccer equipment you would like to donate (i.e. shin guards, goalie jerseys and gloves). These items are then donated to the CFCI El Salvador youth soccer academy. We have teamed with CFCI's directors, Jake and David, to help get these donated items to players in El Salvador so they can enjoy the game we all love.

To date we have collected and donated over 700 pairs of shoes (soccer boots and sneakers) as well as other soccer items like uniforms, goalie gloves and more. We are very fortunate to have our friends at CFCI, and that our own players are able to create a connection extending beyond soccer and across the world! Check out the photos below from CFCI!

Stay tuned for information on our next collection date! We hope you will help us in our goal of donating as many cleats as possible to this great cause!

A thank you from our friends at CFCI - El Salvador!

Paul handing off last year's first bag of cleats, shin guards and GK gloves to CFCI - El Salvador Base Director, Jake!

A fantastic collection of shoes and equipment in 2015!