Europe Tour

TFA 2019 Europe Tour Meeting - Save the Date:

It's not too late to sign up for next year's Europe trip! Players will have the opportunity to visit Iceland, Scotland and England… and parents too! It's a trip you won't want to miss! Please find details of our upcoming meeting and RSVP to Paul ( if you are interested and attending the meeting:

  • Date:Wednesday, October 10th (we looked and found very few HS games being played!)
  • Time:6:30pm (this will take approximately 30-45 minutes).
  • Location:Soccer Center (upstairs), Maumee.
  • Deposit:If attending, please bring a $300 deposit for each individual. This is a non-refundable deposit and will hold a position for next year's trip.

Check out TFA's 2019 Europe Tour here!

Player recaps from previous year's Europe Tour! Wonderful information, insight and experiences shared by the group!

The Europe trip was an amazing experience I'll never forget. The things I remember most are the games, views/sights, and the experience. The games were challenging but fun and friendly. They are a lot more physical over there and everything is quick pace. The views were beautiful from every point of view. On top of the mountains, looking up at the castles, even out the first hotel window. I personally don't think there's anything TFA could change, I had a great time and I think the trip was planned perfectly. One thing I noticed was the respect was a lot different there. If you respect them, they respect you. People in Europe are generous(most of the time) but here we are kind of rude or we only care for our selves. I will take respect and humbleness away from this trip because it's a big part of life. Thank you for taking me on the tour and I had a great experience.

- Tanner S.
The three things I remember the most
1. Walking around cities like Munich and Prague that have an entirely different feel than any city I have visited in the US
2. Specific tackles or plays in the three soccer games we played, such as a header I won in the third game or the play when I almost scored in the second
3. Climbing on the Alps with my teammates
I wouldn't change anything about the trip, I enjoyed just about every second of it.
The one thing I will take away from the trip is simply experiencing Europe and its largely different culture.
- Justin B.
1. The things I remember the most from the trip are the good times spent with my friends on the team, our half time talk from the first game because it helped me understand what it takes to get me engaged into a game no matter the circumstances, and Emilio's accident.
2. One thing that could make the trip better in my opinion is to do less sight seeing and more activities.
3. Something for the trip that I will remember for the rest of my life will be how seriously soccer is taken as a whole in Europe.
Thank you for everything you prepared and executed on the trip for us,
- Cameron N.
1. I remember the beautiful view at the hotel in Germany, and how cold the lake was as I was jumping into it. The salt mines, to me at least, were a bit overrated, however. I also remember the mountain, and its gorgeous view from the "top" of it.
2. I think we had almost too much idle time in the hotel, and maybe that could be utilized as a way for us to explore more of each city we were in.
3. I will never forget being on top of that mountain. It was by far my favorite part of the trip, and it is a memory I will not soon forget.
- Eli M.
Some of the things that will remain with me throughout my life was getting to know my teammates better and creating life lasting memories with them. I mostly enjoyed touring Germany, I thought the country was amazing with all the architecture and sights that made the country unique, and Another is when we went to the salt mines, I loved going down the slides and learning how the miners found the place that would be producing some of the worlds salt. It just blew my mind. Also, touring the prauge castle was amazing too. The castle and cathedral in Prauge was astonishing and it was something id never see in the states. Lastly, I will never forget the day my uncle died and you pulling me aside to talk to me. You do not know how much that helped me through the hard times so that I could fulfill my uncle's wishes of playing in Europe. Also, nothing should change about the trip it was absolutely amazing, the way it was setup and how much we visited in only 8 days amazed me.
- Erik K.
Thank you for making this trip happen for our club. It was an amazing trip that I will never forget.
The three things that I will remember most about the trip is the style of play of the opposing teams. The way they play is completely different than how we play in America. They play really fast and no matter what they never give up.
I will remember the amazing architectural detail on all of the historical buildings that we saw throughout the trip. Many of the structures were so incredible and unlike anything I have ever seen. The European detail they used to make buildings is totally different than the way we ever did it in America. The third thing is how the countries changed from one to the other. When we left Austria to go to the Czech Republic we could automatically tell a difference in the living and the cleanliness of the country.
2. If there was one thing that I would change it would be the the scheduling of the first game. When we got there we had a game right away and most people weren't mentally and physically ready to play a very good team. If we had more time to rest and get more mentally ready for the game then maybe it would have been different.
3. The one thing that will live with me is the first game that we had. I don't think I will ever forget the way that we lost the game. At the same time this is good for me because now I know what has to happen to never lose like that again. Also what will stick with me is when we went to dinner with the team that just destroyed us they were very nice and very interested in us. They didn't say that we were bad or they didn't brag about anything. They really showed true class.
The opportunity to play to game I love and travel throughout Europe will last me a lifetime.
Thank you again for taking us,
- Jacob L.
What I remember most is playing goalkeeper in our second game and making a couple of good saves. The third and final thing I remember most about the Europe trip is eating at an Italian restaurant in the Czech Republic that had amazing pizza.
In my opinion, the only thing that I think should be changed for next year is to go out to eat for dinner at restaurants rather than hotel food. It seemed that every restaurant I went to had really good food.
I don't think I will ever forget the whole Emilio accident, but I think the overall experience of the trip including seeing different architecture, experiencing different cultures, and playing against kids who would die to play a match of soccer will stick with me the most.
- Seth R.
I wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to go on the trip. The three things I will remember most (in no particular order) are:
1. The trip on top of the mountain in Germany/Austria. I loved the view we got and that image will always be in my mind.
2. The hotel we stayed at in Fussen. This was by far my favorite hotel that we stayed at and the lake was very cold.
3. The final thing that I will remember about this trip is the hospitality of everyone towards me. I didn't know anyone on the team but everyone was friendly and accepting of me and I made a few new friends.
Next, I don't think there is anything to change the tour to improve it. Everything was great and it was the time of my life.
Finally, I will always remember the lifestyle here. The way they live and how cities are organized is completely different from how we live in America and I'll never forget that.
Overall, the Europe Tour was by far one of the best experiences I've ever had. The most memorable things that I experienced was the architecture, camaraderie, and exploring the cities and tours with my team. The architecture was so cool and something I knew I would never see in the USA. The Gothic style and how dark and almost eerie everything looked. It was very intriguing and interesting to me. Having fun with the mates was also a blast. The snow ball fight we had on top of the mountain, the view we had too. Other time were when we got to explore Munich, Fussen, and all the other places. Having dinner with the other team and getting to see what they like to do in the city at night was also cool and fun.
For the next tour I don't think I would change anything, the time we had to explore the cities was pretty good to me. I thought we had time to do pretty much everything we wanted. I don't have any complaints with how we were managed.
I think the most memorable event that happened would probably just be all the time I got to hang with the boys. The snowball fight, walking around the city, playing against the native teams. However, seeing the architecture and the way of life is what I will remember forever, seeing the massive cathedral was amazing and statues and bridge will forever be in my mind.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity of a life time to explore just a little more of the world that I probably would have never seen otherwise.
- Ian A.

My experience of the Europe trip was great. Setting aside the accident, the trip overall was a one in a life time type of experience. I enjoyed most the cities. The whole setting of Munich and Prague was the best for me. Being able to walk everywhere seeing the difference in cultures. I another was the food. Food was very different and had a better taste in everything we ate. Lastly would be the the sites we saw. We saw many things over in Europe such as Munich stadium and old castles. Everything was so cool to see in real life instead of from internet pictures and school textbooks. The few things I would change would be the amount of free time to explore. We were allowed to venture off on our own but in such places with multiple stores or attractions it would be better see what you wanted rather then being dragged around. The first game. It was hard to transition to their time within the first 24 hours. What I would remember the most would be the town of Česky. It was a great town in my opinion with multiple cool attractions with a castles and a very good restaurant.
- Kam O.

There was so many amazing things that happened on this trip, but there was also some bad. The worst part of the trip was what I had to go through with Emilio. Because I was with him when it happened I keep on thinking about it and how bad that could of turned out. From the good, the overall life in Germany was an amazing experience. Munich was the greatest place I have ever been to, and I can see myself living there sometime in my life. Also the experience playing in Europe. I have learned so much soccer wise from that trip, I have also seen a big difference in my play in the USA then in Europe. Coming back from Europe I have so much more confidence in myself with soccer. What I leaned there I have brought over here and I have seen a big difference. Lastly, my man Pierre taught me so much. From learning a little German from him and us teaching him some English. The way of life and how they do things in Europe, its just special to me and how this trip will probably be the best decision of my life. From the Emilio problem we had a little different schedule but everything else was amazing. I wouldn't change anything, it was super special and the best trip of my life. This will be the best soccer experience that I will ever have, and the way everything went, I wouldn't change it for the world. All the people I went with that were amazing and were a big contribution to why this trip was so amazing. The main thing that I took away from this trip is bigger than soccer. It's the overall way of life and culture in another country and how the world is so different than the USA.
- Chase B.
One thing I will always remember about this Europe trip is the age of everything in the different countries. In the United States, an old building is maybe 100-150 years old, whereas in Europe they have cathedrals dating back to the 900's, which I think is absolutely crazy. Another thing I enjoyed experiencing is the countries' passion for soccer. Soccer is one of the most popular sports in Europe, if not the most. This really shows not only during games, but also off the field. During games, the teams give 110% for the full 90 minutes, and do not stop until they have won. They don't like to concede calls, not even a simple throw-in, and will give it their all to prevent it. Soccer is not just a hobby for them, it is also their life.
My favorite part of the trip was the scenery. Everywhere we visited had amazing views, no matter where you looked. In Germany, you could see the mountains and castles on the side of the mountains. In Austria, you could see fortresses and snow-capped mountains. In the Czech Republic, you could see the giant city of Prague from one of the many cathedrals in the town.
If there was one thing I could change, it would be the part of the trip spent in Austria. Although it was not the club's fault, while we were in Salzburg, we could not do much because of Emilio's injury and Easter Sunday. Paul was taking care of Emilio and not many stores were open because of the largely catholic society. We toured the salt mines and went to the Red Bull Salzburg game. Other than those two things, we just hung out at the hotel and ate food.
The thing that will remain with me for the rest of my life is the overall experience of the trip. I was the first in my family to tour Europe and I am only sixteen. I will never forget the soccer I saw played there as well as the way of life in Europe.
- Gabe T.
One of my favorite experiences from the trip to Europe was the level of play the players were at compared to us, and how soccer is such a big part of their everyday lives. I also liked all the places we visited and how much different almost everything is there. Whether it was the architecture, food, and just how everyone interacted with each other, it was very different from the U.S. Another thing that I really liked was the professional soccer game we went to. This was my favorite experience from the trip, not only was the play very good it was just a fun experience in all.
On the whole trip I enjoyed every place we visited and everything that was set up for us, so I don't think that anything could have been done better for us to have a better experience.
The speed and skill of the first game that we played will stick with me for the rest of my life and how mentally and physically they were locked into it, I learned that soccer is much more than just a sport that day.
- Charlie G.
Three events from our trip to Europe that I will remember the most will definitely have to be touring the city in Prague, being in the mountains, and being surrounded by a different environment. The old city in Prague fascinated me so much with how narrow the streets were and how they were still cobblestone. I loved being able to walk up the snow covered mountain and seeing the view at the top. It is amazing to me how far you were able to see and all of the landscape there was to look at. Being in each country amazed me on how different the native people are compared to other places. To see the affect of communism on the people in the Czech Republic and how much it changes how the live and interact still to this day is nothing like back home in the states. Getting to see the different cultures in each country was awesome. How much older their buildings and cities are and how much they preserve them compared to here is beyond what I had thought to expect. Really it's hard to say what to change for next year's trip since everyone experiences things differently. For me it was hard being away from home so long and I definitely got home sick near the end. Other than me personally being homesick it was a fantastic trip and if I was able to go again I would. All in all the thing that will stick with me after this trip will definitely be how much more serious they take soccer over in Europe. The pace of play and physicality that they put into the sport is like nothing over here. They play with their hearts all of them which is harder to find here.
- Jacob S.