2018 Hall of Fame & TFA Awards

2018 Hall of Fame - Luis Gomez

While Luis still shows his extraordinary tricks and touches at training, he is currently studying Chemistry at The University of Toledo, he will graduate this May and he's looking to go into Podiatry School at Kent State.
Every year I sit down after tonight and think who's next? Who is worthy of this prestigious accolade? Who has shown the TFA true qualities that the individual represents on and away from the pitch? I look around and see many players with the base, so players, think will this be you in a few years' time?
I knew from an early age that Luis was a special individual and would go on to represent TFA in a very special way. I have been blessed getting to know the Gomez family through all these years of being together.
When I started TFA, I envisioned what I wanted to see from a player; craft, skillfulness, a technique that can only be shown from thousands of hours practicing, a passion for the game greater than the individual, decision making that the player creates in the top two inches of his head as he's completed the process thousands and thousands of times in training, a player that no matter what plays with a smile on his face, a competitive individual, a leader within a group, an individual that inspires others around him. I am so very, very proud that all of this is represented in one person standing here before us.
Introducing TFA's 2018 Hall of Fame Inductee Mr. Luis Gomez.

2018 Outstanding Dedication to TFA - Roger Bacon

Roger the Dodger, or should I say Mr. GQ! Roger's son Alec has been with TFA from our inception and I believe Roger has been the Team Administrator for the same time! I have built up a great friendship with Roger and Brenda, his wife. He truly epitomizes 'The TFA Way' in all he does and represents. Roger and I have had many a good night sitting in the hotel lobby (hmmm, bar!) during an MRL weekend or tournament, chatting about soccer development within the game, TFA's philosophy and where we shop for our outfits!
It gives me great pleasure to acknowledge everything that Roger brings to TFA over 12 years. He is a truly an outstanding volunteer and parent of TFA. In addition, he also covered entry fees for all TOPSoccer members here tonight. Thank you Roger.

2018 TOPSoccer Teammate of the Year - Jesse Urbina

Jesse - who plays on our U15 Red squad - was voted 2017 TOPSoccer Buddy of the Year From Ohio North last fall and we are very pleased to present him with the award for Outstanding service to Toledo TOPSoccer. Jesse is a regular at TOPSoccer, he shows compassion, politeness and a willingness to help any individual. Fine qualities that we endorse here at TFA. Congratulations, Jesse.