2017 Hall of Fame & TFA Awards

Steven is currently studying at the University of Florida (Class of 2020). His achievements thus far are:
· Mechanical Engineering (Pre-Med) major with a 4.0 cumulative GPA
· President's Honor Roll and Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering Dean's List
· Member of the University of Florida Honors Program
· Planning to Study Abroad in New Zealand during Summer 2017
· Recruitment Captain for Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity
· Member of Generational Relief in Prosthetics (GRiP): organization that designs and 3D prints upper limb prosthetics for children & adults
· Member of the American Society for Mechanical Engineers
· USSF E & F Coaching Licenses
· Recipient of the 2015 OHSAA Courageous Student Award
· Former Player and Coach at TFA for 8 years
As you can see Steven exemplifies TFA's philosophy in every aspect of his life; his achievements in the classroom match his commitment on the field. He shows passion in all he does, has a winning smile that engages whoever is on the receiving end, and a willingness to engage with every single person he is in contact with. A truly remarkable human being.
Steven started at TFA in 2008 as a U12 player and continued through his Junior year-U17. Unfortunately, his last year playing for TFA Steven suffered concussion issues that essentially sat him out his entire year with TFA and his high school, Anthony Wayne.
Players (and coaches) are all very different, some show the trophies they have won while others parade their individual success. Steven was all about his team and his teammates he fought alongside with. He never placed himself above or before others. For me, this ability and his other achievements will stand Steven aside on any soccer field, in any classroom, or in any career he chooses to enlighten. I am very, very proud for TFA and myself to be part of these moments in his early life. I am also very keen and eager to see what he does with this skill set. His future is as bright as that million-dollar smile!

Bill has been with TFA (and with me at GTFC) from the beginning, literally! Bill and Laura have two sons, Chase who started as a 'mini-kicker' when he could stand up and currently plays on our U13 Prem team and Noah, who played with me during my GTFC days. He's the captain for our U18 Prem team and is looking forward to attending Xavier University.
Through these many years (that have both seen us go a little grayer than the year before), Bill has been a manager, team administrator, a parent advisory committee member and for me an assistant coach, with whom I could off load on before, or after our games when I was Noah's coach. He would always stand there and listen quietly, with a smile on his face, then dissect all my issues… normally with a "What do you expect Paul, they're parents!" He would remind me that we were not playing in the World Cup and he always reminded me of what I/TFA stood for.
I couldn't even imagine the countless hours Bill has put into this Club, the weekly emails, registering teams for tournaments, being on hand at training and games and always answering any concern from a parent, even if it was factual and to the point; he would always do it with a smile on his face.
Without people like Bill, TFA would never have grown to where we are today. Your dedication has been immense; however, your patience has been even more admirable. Many times, we sat down in the early days and I would explain, next year will be better Bill, we are just growing. Even though Noah was playing on a team with 3 varying age groups, playing against opposition twice the size and 3 years older than himself! However, the Monaghan's always stood by TFA and myself and I thank you all for this.

For everyone who knows Elizabeth, they will know her dedication, thankless hours and a smile that you always remember. Everyone needs an Elizabeth Lutz in their organization!
Elizabeth has two sons who currently play with TFA, Wade, who is on our U11 Champ team, and Jacob, who represents our U15 Prem team. Starting at the 'old' mini kickers program, both the lads have progressed through our various programs and we are very proud to have them represent our colors.
Again, Elizabeth has helped TFA out as a manger, team administrator, TOPSoccer volunteer and as is currently on our parent advisory committee, heading up the Spirit Committee. For those who don't know what all she does, Elizabeth coordinates the 'feel good' part of TFA. Cookies at tryouts, pizza at practice in our final week, Trunk or Treat at the Fishers Tournament, any social event, and the 'smile' is there! On top of this she also keeps our U15P team in order as team administrator.
She really takes whatever is asked of her and elevates it to a magnificent level, all with a smile on her face and love in her heart.

Misty Kirkendall, is one of these ladies that if you ask for anything from her, within seconds you get a positive response, might be with a little sarcasm back, however, it's as genuine as her family.
Misty has two players that play in TFA and a step daughter (?) that assists with our TOPSoccer program. Erik plays on our U16P team and Andrew plays on our U15 Champ team. Both players show exemplary behavior and characteristics that we are very, very proud of at TFA.
I was standing at a younger lads' TFA game a few weeks ago at the Soccer Center, when I looked across and saw Misty busting in with her TOPSoccer equipment, politely moving parents out the way so she could start setting up… This was an hour before we started the session! For me, this is the epitome of her and her family. Doesn't matter what's going on, she will help any way possible, bringing in her family, or just simply stepping up herself. She is an incredible human being.
She has represented the Club with many hats: manager, team administrator, TOPSoccer committee member. Whatever hat she puts on she represents TFA with a passion... sometimes with a 'sucker' in her mouth, given to her by another parent… I won't go on! She also shows everyone around her commitment to the cause she is representing. A great role model for her children and others around her.